Odorless Infuser Investment Opportunities

The Odorless Infuser is a Patent Pending* design available for investment, partnerships, purchase and/or licensing. Solving one of the biggest problems for those making cannabis (THC) and hemp (CBD) infusions, ODOR. The strong smell, combined with the "Social Stigma" around using these substances, prohibits many from using the medicine they need. You can HELP PEOPLE and MAKE MONEY too!

Two types of investment opportunities are currently available. The ideal investor has the potential to purchase and license the infuser with royalties. I will prioritize that type of interest. I will also consider offers for investment into the production of the device for a stake in the business with a well funded, interested party who has successful experience bringing a product through prototype, manufacturing and marketing.

Serious Inquiries/ Offers Only

Odorless Infuser One Sheet Download

Available Documents

You can download the One Page Design Overview (.PDF - 15MB) if you want to zoom in or print and read later.

Download the 1 Page (.pdf)