How the Odorless Infuser Lid Works

The Odorless Infuser utilizes a Patent Pending* design that hinges on the innovative filter lid. Inside of the lid is a compartment packed with active charcoal to remove the aroma from the air which passes through it under pressure from the process of decarbing and infusion.

Odorless Infuser Filter Lid

Active Charcoal Filter Inside Specially Designed Lid

As the heat inside the decarb/ infusion chamber beneath the lid rises the pressure forces the air upwards through the active charcoal which absorbs the odors before it escapes out the vent in the top of the lid. There is a safety valve which will relieve pressure and "whistle" if the filter becomes clogged and the charcoal needs to be replaced.

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Lid - Top View

Purified air exhaust through the screen section of the top. A removeable plug allows access to remove/ replace the active charcoal

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Lid - Bottom View

Heat forces air into the bottom of the lid and through the active charcoal compartment purifying odors that are released.

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Now you've seen how the Odorless Infuser uses active charcoal inside of it's lid to filter the smell of your infusions. Want to check out the overview drawings again?

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